"We welcome you to any of our three facilities. Each with its own unique history and charm that will make your day more memorable."

Meet the Moores

Andrew and Diane (Moore) truly love restoring historic buildings, you might even say it is a passion.  Taking a very hands on approach by doing most of the work themselves is the only way to go as far as they are concerned.  Once a building has been restored it has to have a job to pay for its upkeep, so each building has a specific purpose.  Their first restoration was an 1879 Victorian home that is currently The Densler House, original home of the Hearts Desire Tea Room.  Who knew a 100% Southern girl would love to serve English afternoon tea, but it has become a passion just like restoration.
Their second restoration was an 1889 Victorian that became the Columbiana Inn, Bed and Breakfast.  It is currently the only B&B in Columbiana.  They discovered first time B&B guests had some concerns about staying in a B&B, so answering some of the questions guests might have (but don’t feel comfortable asking) seems to be appropriate here.  So here goes….Yes, the Columbiana Inn has doilies, but they do not define us.  The Inn is the place people think of when they don’t know what to do with their ‘dearly departed’ relatives handicrafts.  The doilies are rotated so all of them can be used, but a few doilies at one time is plenty, so…no, the Inn doesn’t look like ‘doilie heaven’. Yes, you will be staying in their home and every effort is made to make sure you have the privacy and comfort you need to get the respite from the world you are seeking.  Each guest is expected to make themselves at home just like you do with family (minus the drama).  You may have heard all kinds of things about B&Bs, but as you can probably already tell, the Moores dance to their own drummer and probably won’t do things the same way as the other B&Bs. Choosing to stay at the Inn will make everyone’s life sweeter by finding a new friend to tell your stories.  Life is stressful on good days and to get away from it all can make a huge impact on marriages, families or friends…….Columbiana Inn wants to be that respite for their guests.
Their third restoration was a Methodist Church built in 1890 and de-commissioned in 2004. Who knew purchasing a Church was odd!  They were surprised when people were shocked when told they were purchasing a Church.  The restoration was completed in 2009 and opened in 2010 and became the 1890 Wedding Chapel.  Weddings are so different from restoration!  Each wedding has been beautiful and special in its own way and it was such a blessing to be a small part of such a special day.  But restoration was calling!  The Chapel was sold in 2015 because the Moore’s found they loved restoration more than weddings.  This decision enabled them to move on to restoring buildings in downtown Columbiana.
No longer will the phrase ‘this is our last restoration’ be heard coming from the Moore’s mouths since they are currently on their second commercial building on Main Street in Columbiana. Restoration is a long way from the life they had when they first married, but it is hands down much more fun!

Venue Rates

Columbiana Inn Room rates: $95.00 – $110.00 per night + lodging tax (14%) Check-in time: 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Check-out time: 11:00 a.m.

The Densler House Call for pricing for Bridal Showers and Teas, Receptions and any other events

Hearts Desire Tea Room English Afternoon Tea $22.00 per person Please allow two (2) hours to fully enjoy the tea experience   Please feel free to contact us !

Our Location

Columbiana Inn, Bed & Breakfast
Located two blocks from historic downtown Columbiana, Alabama – in the heart of Shelby County.

306 East College Street
Columbiana, AL 35051
(205) 669-1450

The Densler Houe

30535 Highway 25
Wilsonville, AL 35186